Google Workspace (G Suite) Security

Systems built on enterprise-grade security.

Google is an organisation that was built in the cloud, meaning that from day one, security has been a top priority. The company spends millions of dollars each year innovating in order to continually improve Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) security. Google also has an impressive record in protecting users data from both internal and external threats as they employ tight controls and authentication measures over access points.


You own all of your data

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) customers own their data, not Google. Google does not scan your information and there is no advertising in Google Workspace. It’s also easy to move your data if you stop using the services.


Trusted by over 5 million businesses

The cloud is used by millions of organisations all over the world every day. Now over 60% of the Fortune 500 have gone Google and there are 70 million users of Google for Education across the globe.


100% of your emails are encrypted

Your core Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) data is HTTPS encrypted whilst moving within Google or over the Internet. Google Workspace is also ISO 27001 certified and audited regularly to ensure compliance with regulation.

A panel of Google’s security experts discuss the innovations that the company undertakes to ensure the highest level of security to protect your data and privacy at every level.

Security is designed into Google’s entire technical infrastructure. From secure communication, data storage with end-user privacy safeguards, to secure deployment of services.

Key Features


2-Step Verification

Add a second layer of security to your account by requiring a second form of verification to login (eg. a mobile phone code or security key signature).


Remote Wipe Devices

If an Android or iOS device is lost or stolen you can delete the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) data in real-time. There’s also an option to delete all the data from Android devices.


Data Loss Prevention

Scan your organisation’s email traffic for specific content such as credit card details and execute actions when this content is identified (e.g reject or modify message).

Google Workspace (G Suite) has exceptional security

There has never been an incident where data has been stolen directly from Google since Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) was launched in 2006. In fact Google offer rewards for hackers to expose vulnerabilities in their systems so they are constantly improving their security. The company also employs over 550 experts and invests millions every year to ensure that their systems are fully secure.

Where is your data stored?

Google has multiple data centres around the world – UK, Europe and beyond. These data centres are highly secure with very strict control on who is permitted to be on-site so the risk of a leak is minimised. Your data is split up and replicated in several locations to reduce the impact of a computer failure and extraction of sensitive information more difficult.

Security Review

Google Vault

This app is included in Google Workspace (G  Suite) Business and offers a whole range of features to help meet your organisation’s compliance needs. You can search through your entire organisations emails, instant messages and files from the moment the app is switched on. Furthermore, you can set organisation-wide retention rules for how long deleted emails are stored in user’s mailboxes and before being deleted by Google.

Google Workspace (G Suite) Security Review

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