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GAT is an Intelligent Security and Data Analysis tool for Google Workspace which enables you to know exaclty what's happening inside and outside of your Google Workspace environment. 

The GAT suite of products covers what matters the most in remote organisations - security, productivity and deep insights into your domain users' data. Take a look at the tools below and how they can support your admins and managers to understand, protect and change elements in your Workspace environment. 

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Highly Secure & Easily Managed

GAT Labs makes it easy to secure and manage Gmail, Chrome and any web application accessed through your Google Workspace account.

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Full Overview & Protection

GAT is the only toolset that offers the same level of overview and protection for your Google Workspace users, no matter where they work from, even on your LAN.

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Zero Trust Environment

Applying the principle of least privilege, ActiveID for Google Chrome provides the first truly zero-trust environment for your Google Workspace domain.

Meet the powerful GAT Suite

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GAT+ provides domain-wide auditing of files, emails and more using highly configurable filters, with output to screen and file. You can also carry out complete content searches of all user’s Drive, Email and Calendars.

        GAT Unlock

With GAT Unlock, sensitive tasks like changing file ownership or access, or bulk removal of phishing emails are carried out in an audited environment where access is securely controlled.

         GAT Shield

GAT Shield extends of all our auditing power and control to your chrome environment – and gives you the tools needed to have a full overview and complete control over the browsing environment.

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GAT Logo.
GAT Logo.

GAT Flow

With GAT Flow, bulk onboarding, offboarding and account modification can be carried out effortlessly with reusable sequenced task flows.

     GAT ActiveId

GAT ActiveId, in conjunction with Google Cloud Identity Premium provides the first zero-trust cloud environment for all your user’s browser based tools.

   Manager Insights

Manager Insights is a unique tool, designed to leverage the power of Workspace and the cloud to deliver never before seen insight into the operation and collaboration of teams.

The GAT Suite has helped millions of users manage and protect their Google Workspace environment everyday thanks to powerful auditing and security capabilities. Check out the video to the right to find out more!

Or why not try it for yourself by requesting a demo or beginning a free trial? If either of those take your fancy, you can do so via the buttons below.

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