Google Cloud Platform Managed Services

Optimise your GCP  data setup with our expert services. Efficient, secure, and tailored to you.

Benefit from our expert data team and fast reliable support service on all things Google Coud. 

With over 10 years of exeprience, our team of experts will help you work faster, build smarter, and navigate the ever changing data landscape with peace of mind.

Partnering with us means you can focus on achieving your business goals, without worrying about your tech solutions. 


"Working with Cobry has been like always having a trusted partner to hold our hand. The reassurance that I can reach out any time I need help and that I will always get a response that is fast and helpful. Nothing is ever an issue. Cobry always finds a way to fit around our needs as a business”

Debbie Baird, IT Manager at Codebase


Google Cloud Platform Support Services

Our Support Service hours are refreshed every month, and can be used for a range of different services. Below are some of our most popular services:

Helpdesk Support

When you run into an issue, just drop us a message and we'll help you resolve it. 

GCP Administration

The GCP console is vast, anything you need configured, we’ll do it.

Dashboard Management

The more dashboards you make, the more they need organised.


Whether upskilling current staff or training new members, we’ll get them up to speed.

Data Pipelines

We’ll bring new data into BigQuery for you.

Data Modelling

You need a new data source? You’ll need it modelled before it hits Looker.

Data Consultancy

You have a bright idea around your data - run it past our data experts to avoid unexpected issues. 

General Consultancy

We don’t just know data - we know applications, systems, processes etc. We will help you with anything within GCP. 

Add-on Services

Additional services, carried out on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

These are additional to the support hours included in your plan.

Security Checkups

Assessment of your environment to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, ensuring your data and applications are safe against cyber threats.

Data Workshops

Interactive sessions where we provide training and insights on effectively managing and leveraging your data within Google Cloud Platform. 

Best Practice Audits

We help evaluate your processes against industry best practices, optimising operational efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the performance of your systems.

Innovation Councils

Collaborative sessions focused on your current processes and systems, which our expert teams will review and suggest improvement plans.

Updates Training

We educate your team on the latest features and updates in GCP, ensuring they can fully utilise the new functionalities to enhance cloud operations. 

Data Health Checks

Our experts will evaluate your data systems and processes, and write tests to ensure that any cracks in your data pipelining systems are flagged.

Our managed services offer flexible options to choose from: amount of support hours, help desk SLA and additional services to help your teams work more efficiently and securely. 

Get in touch with our team and find out the best support options for your organisation. 

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