September 17, 2021
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Get the most out of Google Workspace with Cobry’s Transformation Labs

What is a Transformation Lab?

Transformation Labs are an essential part of Cobry’s weaponry in the fight against ineffective moves to Google Workspace. Migrating to Google Workspace is a major change for any organisation and Transformation Labs are one of the tools we use to manage this change and ensure your business gets the most out of the move. 

What exactly is a 'Transformation Lab’, though? Well, to put it simply, it is a meeting shared between Cobry and a few key stakeholders in your organisation where we work together to overcome a challenge you have been facing using the Google Workspace tools.

A Transformation Lab is a very targeted exercise in that we focus on only one particular business challenge. We review this challenge by looking at the methods you are currently using to overcome it and identify improvements that could be made by employing the Google tools. 

There really is no limit to what can be achieved with a Transformation Lab. To give you an idea though, some successes could be the automation of workflows using Apps Script or even improved data visualisation with Data Studio. The Transformation Lab is your oyster! That’s what they say, right?

What happens in a Transformation Lab?

Since every organisation is unique, with unique systems and processes, every Transformation Lab is different. Clients are often pleased to find out that there isn’t much prep to do prior to a Transformation Lab. Instead, we do all of the work collaboratively throughout the meeting. 

During the session, we will get to know the challenge you are facing and work together to find the best possible solution. This set up means that you - the client - are very hands on with the solution and have a key stake in deciding what is best for your organisation. 

It’s not all hard work though. Transformation Labs are also the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate what the organisation has already achieved through their move to Google Workspace and use these learnings to fuel further innovation and transformation.

Who should attend?

As we said, no Transformation Lab is the same and so there is no correct answer to this. It totally depends on what you feel is right for your organisation. However, from our experience a good mix is those with a key stake in the move such as business executives, transformation advocates and members of business units that will be directly impacted by the result of the Transformation Lab.

Why should you participate in a Transformation Lab? 

There are so many benefits to undertaking a Transformation Lab compared to your bog-standard support. Firstly, its face-to-face setup means that we can communicate in the most effective and efficient way, elevating the possibility of misunderstandings. Moreover, throughout these sessions we truly get to know your business and your goals, which, in turn, enables us to develop highly bespoke and effective solutions. 

Secondly, Transformation Labs are a great gateway to understanding how your business operates and the type of processes you have in place. By knowing this and undertaking some Transformation Labs, not only can we improve some specific systems and processes, but we can also develop a roadmap for continued innovation and transformation. 

Finally, by working closely with Cobry, Google Workspace experts, you will ensure that you are using your new tools to their full potential and, thus, will get the most out of your move to the platform. 


To conclude, moving to Google Workspace, for many, is a totally different way of doing things. That’s why Transformation Labs form a huge part of our approach to change management and support. They enable us to deeply understand your business needs and you to totally embrace the change and get the most out of Google Workspace.

If you are a client and want to find out more about our Transformation Labs; or you’re looking to move your organisation to Google Workspace, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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