Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script

Making the impossible possible.

Google Apps Script can be used to extend the functionality of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to automatically carry out a set of actions based on an action or time based trigger. We can build scripts to automate your processes, streamline workflows and connect Google Workspace and 3rd party apps to help make your business run more efficiently.

How does Google Apps Script work?

Identify Processes

We will work with you to identify processes that can be improved using Google Apps Script. A specification will be created that lays out the current process and the suggested plan to use scripting to improve it.

Build & Test

We take your specification and build a script to automate the tasks identified. There will be a period of testing and iteration to ensure that the script is free of any bugs and provides the best solution to fulfil the specification.

Deploy & Maintain

Once testing is complete and you are happy that the solution fulfils the specification, we will deploy the script on your domain and be on-hand to help with any ongoing issues or modifications required.

What can you do with Google Apps Script?

Google Apps Script is used to trigger a set of tasks or actions within Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and 3rd party tools. These are some of the most common actions that we have included in our scripts.

Image of the Gmail logo


Send customised emails with attachments

Google Drive logo


Create folders with a defined sub-folder structure


Add permissions to folders and Shared Drives

Google Calendar


Schedule calendar events


Automatically feed custom details into document templates


Data Collection

Aggregate and re-format data that has been collected

Explore in Sheets


Generate reports based on a time or action based trigger

3rd Party Tools

Add actions in 3rd party tools to your workflow

Sample Project

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Programmers always find an easier way to do menial tasks. If there’s something tedious or time-consuming within your processes and workflows, chances are it can be streamlined using Google Apps Script.  It’s hard to outline exactly what Apps Script can do, however; we’re always exploring possibilities and coming up with new ideas to help streamline business processes.

Let us streamline your workflows. We have in-house developers that listen to your processes and problems, and propose a solution using a custom script.

GAS makes development fast.

Usually, custom applications take time to program. With Google Apps Script most of the G Suite integrations are already in place so that applications can be deployed swiftly and efficiently.

GAS makes processes possible.

Some tasks are begging to be automated. Whether it’s sending templated invoices or canned email responses; GAS can turn a 10 minute task into a button press.

If there’s a workflow that you believe could be automated using Google Apps Script, please get in touch. We will take the time understand how your business operates and help you develop cost-effective and efficient solutions to ensure you end up with the most efficient processes.

Google Apps Script