January 8, 2021
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Google Data Studio – Data Visualisation

Welcome to the first 2021 instalment of The Cobry Cafetiere of Cloud Knowledge! In case you missed us last year, this is the time of the week where we get together to quench our thirst for knowledge and discuss all things Google, Cloud and Cobry! They say knowledge is power, and that's exactly what this week's topic - Google Data Studio -  is all about.  

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a tool, included within Google Workspace, which allows you to transform your organisation's data into knowledge. Thus, giving you the power to make effective business decisions. Your organisational data is concentrated into one central location, taking the form of a report or dashboard. They are interactive and easy to understand which means that data can be analysed and interpreted quickly, as one source of truth. Additionally, the data is live, meaning that the metrics and KPI’s you choose to display will always be up-to-date and relevant to your business needs. 

Example Google Data Studio Report

Who is Data Studio for?

Data has become ingrained in our society - every business is a data business. This means that all organisations must work with and understand data relevant to their organisation. Data Studio's power can be harnessed by every organisation. However, our experience has shown us that there are three scenarios in which Google Data Studio becomes pivotal to the improvement of business operations. These are organisations that:

  1. Collect a large amount of data but do not use it effectively, or at all.
  2. Are paying for an expensive data collection tool which isn't cloud native or user friendly.
  3. Have data spread over a variety of sources and lack one source of truth. 

Using Data Studio alleviates all of these problems as brings together all data and creates one source of truth. Consequently, this allows for informed and effective decision making through obtention of a clear understanding of important business metrics. Also, as put so eloquently by our colleague Wiktor “As long as the Data keeps flowing, the dashboard keeps showing”. This means that once created, Data Studio Reports require little maintenance and there is no need for additional costs.

Sound like your organisation? Go to our website to find out more about Data Studio and to interact with a live report. 

How does Cobry help with Data Studio?

Cobry aids in the creation of the system behind your dashboard which gathers the data in an efficient way to prepare it for presentation. This step is essential in the creation of Data Studio dashboards as if not done correctly you risk being unable to visualise the data important to you. Our team is skilled and experienced in doing just this and works closely with you to produce the report relevant to your needs. 

At Cobry, we approach Data Studio projects in three steps: 

Cobry's approach to Google Data Studio projects: Analysis, Aggregation, presentation

Analysis / Collect

Through analysis and discussion with you, our team will help you decide the data you need to collect in order to satisfy your business goals and needs. 


Often, the data required comes from many different sources. Our team will treat and clean the data you need in order to prepare it for presentation. This is a non-destructive process which means that you can continue working throughout this entire exercise. 


Finally, once the data has been sufficiently formatted, the dashboard is ready to be designed. In order to do this, we work closely with you to understand the most helpful way to display the data and ensure that it adheres to your organisation's design guidelines. 

In sum, Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that makes business intelligence easy. Get in touch to work with our experts and unlock knowledge that will transform your business, or pop your email down below!

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