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Google Data Studio

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Google Data Studio allows you to have a central location for stakeholders to access, interact and analyze real-time information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. We enable you to monitor live metrics using Google’s software that integrates tightly with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). You can visualize and analyze data and focus on key performance indicators from across the organization on a visual and easily digestible platform, helping you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making.


Our expert team consult your data sources  and clean them in a way so that you can determine what is important and what is not. We get to know your business and together come to a conclusion on what solution would be best for you.


Often, data comes from many sources, and for a dashboard this data needs to be consolidated. We aggregate your data non-destructively, which means that you can keep working like always, and the data is cleaned behind the scenes.


Once the data has been formatted in a way so that it can be presented, it’s time to design the dashboard itself. We work closely with you to ensure the dashbord is made to specification and follows your organisation’s design guidelines.

Live Example

We believe the best way to show the power Data Stuido has to offer is through a live example. Meet Rubin’s Bars: a young bar franchise that operates three different bars. They need to know how their business is doing at-a-glance, however, they are unsure as to what metrics are important to keep track of.

The Analysis

Rubin’s Bars had data flowing from many sources; the cash registers, head office and individual staff from each of the locations. We locked down the data entry so that it doesn’t get messy down the line using Google Forms; this stops consistency errors and the entries are easy to edit.

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The Aggregation

Once the data sources were identified and laid out, a discussion was had with the Director as to what data needed to be shown on the dashboard. The data was then aggregated and the metrics were identified. This is a preparatory step for the last – and most exciting – part of the process: the presentation.

The Presentation

All your metrics, KPI’s and important information at a glance.

You can see a finished Google Data Studio report below – feel free to interact with it! We have implemented date and site filters so Rubin’s bars know what is happening at any of their restaurants anywhere, anytime.

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