January 29, 2021
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Google Hardware – The Cobry Cafetiere

Welcome to the latest edition of the Cobry Cafetiere! This week we are quenching our thirst for knowledge through discussion of the topic Google Hardware. So, without further ado, let's jump in!

Google Hardware 

We all know and love Google's amazing software and search offerings, but did you know that Google also provides a wide range of great hardware? The Made By Google range features many different products from phones to games consoles which aim to simplify the everyday lives of consumers. In addition to this, Google also has a range of hardware that has been expertly deigned for business use. This range includes Chromebook Laptops, Video Conferencing Kits and Interactive Whiteboard.

The operating system on these devices (Chrome OS) is what differentiates them from traditional hardware solutions. Chrome OS is simple and secure, using the Chrome web browser as its primary interface. This approach protects devices from viruses and ransomeware and helps to maintain the devices original speed as there is little need to download anything onto the actual device.

Let's take a deeper look at some of the Google hardware that businesses can make use of.


Chromebooks will revolutionise the way you work. They are laptops that operate entirely on the cloud, meaning there is no need for updates or maintenance. Additionally, its browser-first approach means that there is rarely any need to download applications. This protects the machine from malware and ensures high running performance. 

Chrome Profiles are another amazing feature that can be used on a Chromebook. They are essentially user profiles on which you can differentiate and segregate settings, bookmarks, history and extensions. The benefit of this profile management is that you can have multiple completely different experiences and different uses all on the same device.

From an organisational perspective, use of Chromebooks provides a whole host of benefits. Firstly, troubleshooting issues is easy and simple to do from the Admin Console and many problems can be solved remotely. Additionally, policies can be applied across all organisational devices from one central location to achieve synergy. This is also true for remedial actions such as device wiping, should they be needed.

Google Hardware - Chromebooks

Video Conferencing Hardware

The Google Meet Kit is a fantastic video conferencing solution that can be used to connect to Google Meet. The solution uses face recognition AI and high quality microphones in order to provide a seamless meeting experience. Additionally, there are various versions of the kit which address different conferencing needs. For example, small room kits contain a wide view camera is included in order to capture all of the attendees. Meanwhile the large room kit has a pan-tilt-zoom camera. This ensures that the person speaking can clearly be seen. Whichever kit you use, you can be assured that your conferences will be captured in high resolution.

Google meet kit hardware

The Jamboard

The Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that is designed for the cloud. The hardware integrates with the Jamboard app and Google Meet, allowing teams to collaborate effortlessly no matter where they are. What's more, the Jamboard has many great features such as assistive drawing tools which make it super easy to create engaging Jam meetings!

At Cobry, we are able to provide you with licenses and support with all of the Google Hardware we have mentioned. If you'd like to find out more, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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