May 28, 2020
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Google Meet – Enterprise Video Calls

With Google Meet’s free availability, we thought it would be worthwhile to share some information on Google Meet - Google Workspace's (formerly G Suite) video conferencing solution. 

How Cobry use Google Meet

Firstly, I thought the best way I could go into more detail on Meet would be to discuss how we at Cobry make the most of the tool. 

We’ve very much instilled a video-first culture at Cobry. Due to current circumstances and consequently the team working remotely, we’ve become increasingly dependent on Meet. Each morning at 10:30 we have a drop-in call with the entire team, an informal chat about what our plans are for the day, as well as a smattering of nonsense conversations about anything, ranging from missing ping pong in the office to Wiktor’s coffee-making exploits.

The regularity of the calls make working remotely far easier. It’s also a prime example of Meet’s integration with other Google Workspace (G Suite) tools. Being able to set up recurring events with Meet calls attached on Calendar is a really efficient way to reinforce a video first culture within an organisation.

Google Meet’s Tiled Layout

At a peak time, we have 9 team members on a call simultaneously, and let’s be honest - you want to see everyone you’re speaking to. Thankfully, with a recent update to Google Meet, it’s possible. Here’s a high quality meme to demonstrate:

The updated layout gives you the ability to view up to 16 participants at the same time, so theoretically, you could see everyone’s reaction to ridiculous suggestions - in this case Wiktor suggesting some scintillating social media content for your future delectation.

Google Meet’s Chat integration

Here’s a feature I’m particularly fond of. Google Workspace is notorious for integrating all tools to make your workflow as efficient as possible. I’ve already demonstrated how Meet works so well with Calendar, now it’s time for me to demonstrate the way in which it works with Chat. And by me, I mean Gordon.

Gordon gives a very brief run through of the feature on our recent Working From Home video series. The example he uses is particularly pertinent. When working from home sometimes it's just easier to talk to someone about an instant problem you face, as opposed to messaging on Google Chat or emailing. With Chat and Meet's deep integration, it's not only possible, but the default action.

Google Meet's Security

Any post about Google Meet worth its salt has to make mention of its robust security. Whilst the tool has so many great usability features as well as deep integration with other Workspace tools, it's incredibly secure. Here are 5 key security features - and I must stress there's many more.

1. No plugin or software is required to be installed when using a web browser.

2. Meeting URLs are 10 characters long, with 25 characters in the set - making it challenging to brute force attack.

3. End-to-end encryption and therefore no security loop holes.

4. External participants need to be admitted into the call by an existing participant.

5. Only meeting creators and calendar owners can mute or remove other participants.

Other Features of Google Meet

Google Meet also has some other innovative features that it's worth shining a torch on.

  • Record a meeting - hit the bottom right options button on the screen and simply click record meeting.
Google Meet Recording
  • Live stream a meeting - Follow these steps here to live stream a meet call.
Google Meet Live Stream
Google Meet Add Ons
  • Closed captions - Google's innovative machine learning is able to identify what you're saying, and portray that in closed captions on a meet call.
Google Meet Captions

There are even more innovative Google Meet features, which are expertly covered through Rowan's video which was part of our Working From Home video series.

Google Meet Hardware

Another way you can enhance Google Meet's innovative features, is by using Google Meet Hardware. This hardware allows for a streamlined videoconferencing experience, fitting any room of any size. Not only this, it's incredibly easy to set up.

Find out more about Google Meet Hardware here.

Overall, this blog post should give you an insight into how we at Cobry have made the most out of Google Meet and also a demonstration of some of its key features.

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