Google for Nonprofits

Reduce your IT costs and help staff and volunteers work together more effectively.

Google for Nonprofits offers your organisation the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing and the ability to do real-time collaboration for free. Some key features of the program are:


G Suite for Nonprofits

Save costs by moving to a secure and reliable cloud IT system designed to specifically help business expand, collaborate and work smarter; this tool-set is available to Nonprofits for free.


$10,000 Adwords Grant

Use this budget to promote your website in Google’s search results so you get found more often. Target specific keyword searches to focus your advertising to particular areas.


YouTube Advanced Features

Unlock premium capabilities designed specifically for Nonprofits such as donation cards and other CTAs. Also get access to dedicated production space around the world.

A secure, cost-effective way of collaborating.


of nonprofits reported cost savings after moving IT to the cloud
Source: Nonprofit & Association Technology Trends


of nonprofits experienced security improvements after moving IT to the cloud
Source: Nonprofit & Association Technology Trends

What's included

G Suite

G Suite for Nonprofits

Simple solutions for effective organization management

Google Ad Grants

Share your story to boost your funding with up to $10,000 per month free ad credit

YouTube Programme

Bring the story of your nonprofit to life and better connect with supports, volunteers, and donors

Google One Today

Reach new supporters and see small donations make a big impact

Google Earth Outreach

Map and visualise your story by creating custom maps and using global location data

Learn how we transformed a homeless charity's IT systems.

Learn how we helped Simon Community switch to G Suite bringing cost savings, collaboration efficiency, improved reliability and stronger security by reading our case study.

How do I join the program?

In order to be eligible for the program you must be a registered charity with the OSCR in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland. If you’re a third sector organisation but not registered with OSCR, G Suite might be the best product for you.