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From technical migrations to change management, training and consulting, we are dedicated to supporting you and your teams to achieve your best with Workspace.


Google Workspace is Google’s secure productivity and collaboration platform which gives teams of all sizes the tools they need to get everything done, all in one place.

Cloud-based and secure, Workspace is designed specifically for businesses and it’s flexibility means your teams can work and collaborate effectively no matter where they are.


“We have been particularly impressed with their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. On a day to day basis, Cobry has impressed us. They have been so easy to work with, utilising all the cloud tools to get things done with ease.

The transition over and support for the users if they had any questions was just taken care of. I’m so glad I said ‘please do it guys’.”

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Technical Migrations

We move businesses to Google Cloud, whether that’s Office365 to Workspace, Exchange to GMail, Dropbox to Google Drive or others.

When going Google with Cobry, you get a team of experts to guide you through every step of the process, from planning and design to implementation and support.

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Workspace Optimisation

You’re already on Workspace but unsure whether the new system is adopted well across the organisation? Have concerns about the security and set up?

We can help. Our services cover the entire Workspace ecosystem, and much more, to ensure that you realise the maximum value from your investment.

Our expert consultants will examine your workflows, improve your security, implement best practices and encourage better ways of working.

Change Management

With our expert project managers, trainers and change experts, your technical implementation is guaranteed to go smoothly.

We listen to and understand your organisational needs and unique requirements. Our approach includes training for both admins and end users, ensuring full adoption of the new technology.

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Managed Services

With our 24/7 helpdesk support for Google Workspace, you will always have someone to turn to. Whether it's security concerns, on/offboarding staff, or training needs, we've got you covered.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you implement and maximise the latest features as soon as they come out, keeping you at the forefront of technology.

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Leverage the power of AI

Duet AI is Google’s latest AI-powered tool for Workspace , allowing its users to write better, create bespoke images, reserach quickly and overall work more effectively and efficiently. 

However, it's essential for users to learn and undertand how to use the tool correctly. The Cobry Duet AI training is tailored to your company’s needs and will equip your teams with the knowledge and best practices to make the most of Duet AI. 

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Apps Script Development

Build on the platform and extend the functionality of Google Workspace to automate tasks.

Whether you want to automate processes or better visualise business data, we can develop bespoke applications for your business needs with Apps Script.

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AppSheet Development

Alternatively we can leverage Appsheet, a Workspace no-code development platform, to create mobile, tablet and web applications or teach your teams how to do it themselves.

Device Management

Cobry can help you manage and audit device policies as well as recommend best practices.

Enjoy faster deployment, managed security, and IT support for all your devices.

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Supply your teams with the best tools and enable them to produce the best results.

We supply and configure the latest and best-in-class hardware including Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Google Meet Kits for video conferencing, as well as the interactive Board 65 and Desk 27, which are also integrated with Google Meet.

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Google Voice

Adopt the integrated Google Voice solution across your organisation and make calls from anywhere on any device.

Cobry can deploy Google Voice for you instantly and globally for organisations of any size

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Third Party Tools

From additional security tools, to shared inboxes and cloud backup, you can tailor your cloud set up by integrating amazing third party tools that suit your organisational needs.

We can help you deploy and optimise these solutions so you get the best Workspace experience.

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