February 26, 2021
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Google Workspace Security – Cobry’s Approach

Security is essential to any organisation and whilst in the past technology was the weak link that caused businesses to succumb to malware attacks; we find now that people (or rather, human error) is the chink in this chain of armour. This week's cafetiere is all about Google Workspace Security. And in particular, Cobry's approach to Security.

What makes Workspace Security so great?

As it became apparent that people were the weakest link in organisational security, many providers sought to implement rigid security systems. The price for this however, was an extremely unusable system. And often, this seems to be the see-saw that organisations find themselves on when trying to protect their organisation - security vs usability. This, however, is not the case for Google Workspace users. On workspace, security and usability come hand in hand. This means that your organisation remains secure whilst your employees can enjoy a seamless working experience that fosters great communication and collaboration. A true win-win. 

Google Workspace offers an abundance of easy security wins which you can implement in your organisation at the click of a button (literally). Many of these security features are designed to reduce the possibility of human error. For example: 

2 Factor Authentication

Enabling this means that when users are logging into their Google Workspace account from a new device, they will require a second method of authentication. This is normally a code sent to their phone or authentication app. This means that if a user's password has been compromised, attackers will still be unable to gain access to the Workspace account. 

Advanced Phishing and malware protection

By default, Gmail marks suspicious emails with a warning and moves them to your spam folder. However, Google Workspace admins can further enhance and tailor these settings for different users or organisational units across your organisation. For example, you can choose which action gmail should take based on the type of threat detected.

Device Management

There are a variety of features which allow admins to control and protect organisational devices. For example, company-owned device management allows you to manage all devices throughout the organisation from one place. This includes enrolling devices and remotely wiping them should they become corrupt. 

Cobry’s approach to Workspace Security 

Google makes it very clear that security is a joint partnership between them and the end users. Whilst they provide the tools, it is the responsibility of the organisation to properly implement these. This is where Cobry’s approach to Workspace Security comes in. We can help you understand the security measures needed for your organisation and apply them effectively through our Security Review.

The Security Review consists of four stages: Consultation, Audit, Review and Action. 

Workspace Security Review


In this primary stage of the Security Review, we take the time to understand your organisation, people and technology. This includes getting to know your requirements, priorities and how you work. This allows us to tailor the audit to fit the exact needs of your organisation and help you achieve the most effective setup. 


Next, our experts will always audit your current setup by reviewing the users, groups, organisational units and domains in your organisation. Further security settings will be audited depending on the organisational requirements defined in the consultation stage. 


Following the audit, we will construct a report that thoroughly details your current setup and provides recommendations for its improval. The report will be presented to you on a call or meeting where we will discuss an action plan with you. 


Finally, we will implement the changes identified and issue you with a new report which explains your new setup and the benefits of the new settings that are in place. 

Why do a Security Review?

Security breaches or attacks can and have cost businesses around the world billions. We recommend a Security Review to all of our clients for three key reasons: GDPR Compliance, Data Leak Prevention and Valuable Insights. 

GDPR Compliance. Using our expertise, we are able to assess the way in which you handle data and whether it is GDPR compliant. This helps in defining best practices across your organisation and prevents GDPR breaches. 

Data Leak Prevention. When it comes to fighting security breaches, prevention is better than cure. Our Security Review will provide you with actions, guidelines and best practices to prevent data leaks. 

Valuable Insights. In your Security Review our experts will identify potential gaps or vulnerabilities in your security setup that you may be unaware of.

Finally, there is no one size fits all approach to security. Every organisation is unique which means that their security setup should also be unique. By doing a Security Review, we can mould the Workspace Security settings to your exact needs. This means not only implementing various features, but configuring them to suit the way in which your business operates. 

If you’d like to find out more about how Cobry can help you with your Workspace security, get in touch.

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