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Happeo is the intranet that helps fast-moving companies control their information chaos by centralizing their resources, laser-targeting internal communications, and increasing employees’ connection with each other and their company culture.

Happeo has an average launch time of eight weeks and adoption rates that are 3x the industry average.

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Central Source of Truth

Instant access to the information and knowledge people need to excel – without the hassle.

As a window into your tools, surface content no matter where it lives.

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Internal Communications

Target and share news effectively – ensure no one misses a thing.

Gather analytics and feedback to understand what employees really need.

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Connection and culture

Celebrate wins and recognize achievements – fueled by your people.

Connect people and form communities around shared interests to drive engagement from the bottom-up.

We met up with Maarit, Partner Manager at Happeo to discuss everything you need to know about the social intranet tool that was build specifically for Google Workspace.

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Everything you need to know about Happeo

Align, Connect & Collaborate, Globally.


Your international workforce can collaborate at any time, anywhere.


Put your org-chart in the hands of everyone. Connect with everyone that you need to.


Empower your employees with the information they need, in one convenient place.


Get those all-important actionable insights from your digital communications.

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