January 10, 2024
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How to Add Users To The Google Admin Console

Generally speaking, adding users to Google Workspace is pretty simple, but there are some ‘gotchas’ you may need to be aware of. If your organisation uses Google Workspace, the Google Admin Console is your command centre for adding new users and controlling their access to various Google Workspace services. This blog post will be your comprehensive guide, taking you step-by-step through the process of adding users and managing their settings in the Google Admin Console.

To add users, you have to go to the admin console. Generally speaking it’s more than just a user management tool; it's the central hub for administering your entire Google Workspace account, but today, we’re focusing on users.

If you’re adding users using a SCIM bridge or any sort of identity provider - this process is very very different. There are guides out there to setting those up - this isn’t it!

Not the only step!

Note that onboarding a user is very different to provisioning a user. User provisioning is a multipart process in which adding a Workspace account for them is only a part of.

Anyways, let’s get started 💪

Accessing the Google Admin Console

To log in to the Google Admin Console ( you’ll first need an administrator account on your domain. Once logged in, navigate to the left-hand side menu and look for the "Directory" section. Under "Directory," you'll find the "Users" option – this is your starting point for all of the admin consoles user management functionalities.

Adding a New User

Now that you have accessed the Users dashboard, click the "Add new user" button.

Fill in the Essentials: This is where you'll enter the new user's details, including their first and last name. But most importantly, you'll need to create their email address. Remember, this email address will become their username for all Google Workspace services.

Setting Up Security: You have two options for passwords: set one for them or let them create their own during the first login. It's recommended to enforce strong password creation policies to enhance security.

Send them their login: You’ll be prompted to send an invite to the new user - this invite is normally sent to their personal email address they shared with your organisation.

Leverage Additional Settings

While adding a user, the Admin Console allows you to configure some additional settings that can personalise the user experience and enhance security:

  • Add a Friendly Face: Upload a profile picture for the new user, making their profile easily recognisable within Google Workspace services.
  • Organisational Alignment: If your organisation uses organisational units, assign the new user to the appropriate unit for better team management.
  • Tailored Service Access: Control which Google services the user has access to initially. This could be Gmail, Drive, Calendar, or a combination based on their role.

Managing User Setting

  • Edit User Information: Need to update a user's name or contact details? The Admin Console allows you to easily edit existing user information.
  • Password Resets Made Easy: Forgot passwords happen! The Admin Console allows you to reset user passwords if needed.
  • Deactivating Accounts: When an employee leaves the organisation, you can easily suspend their account to maintain data security.
  • Bulk User Management: Adding or updating information for a large number of users? The Admin Console might offer bulk user management options to save you time.

Ready to Simplify Onboarding?

Let us handle both your user onboarding process, and admin console maintenance. We can help with this via our affordable managed service packages, allowing you to focus more on your core business. 

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