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Progressive businesses now realise that, in order to keep up with the expectations of modern clients and employees, they must be operating on a modern infrastructure.

The Google Cloud Platform offers many innovative infrastructure modernisation approaches, and Cobry can help you leverage these. Whether you want to migrate legacy applications to Google Cloud, stream gigabytes of data analytics or anything in between; we are here to help you deploy and implement these solutions. 

Why modernise with Google Cloud?


High Performance Computing

Google Cloud's solutions enable you to solve the most complex computing challenges with cost-effective, powerful, and flexible infrastructure to support scalable workloads.



Google's Cloud's infrastructure is secure, cost-effective, powerful and is always being improved on, meaning so too will your business be powerful and futureproof.



Google’s sustainability initiatives will have a direct, positive impact on your organisations own carbon footprint, including you in the fight against climate change.

Check out the video to the left to see how McKesson was able to gain healthcare insights and serve patients better thanks to modernising its infrastructure with Google Cloud.

Ready to take your organisation to the cloud? Get in touch with us via the button below to chat with one of our experts. 

Getting to the cloud with Cobry

Wondering what it would be like to move to the cloud with Cobry? Here's how we do things.



We start by listening. Every business is unique and is in a different stage of their cloud journey. We'll spend time getting to know your organisation and your goals in order to identify the best cloud solutions for you.



Once we have identified the best solutions for you, we will set a deployment plan and get you started on your journey to the cloud! With minimal disruption, your business will run as usual throughout the project.


Change Management

Change Management is in our DNA here at Cobry. We will continue to work closely with you following deployment of the tools, ensuring that you and your team are getting the most out of them. 

Bringing the cloud down to earth


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