February 23, 2024
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Looker Studio Pro – Why upgrade?

Upgrading to Looker Studio Pro from Looker Studio marks a significant shift in how businesses can manage, share, and interact with their data. The enhanced features of Looker Studio Pro offer a robust solution tailored for organizations looking to elevate their data visualization and reporting capabilities. This article dives into the key differences between Looker Studio and its Pro version, highlighting the value-added benefits that come with the upgrade.

The High Level

If you need organisational management over your dashboard, be able to administer data sources so people can't connect to sheets willy-nilly, and/or heavily use Looker Studio in your organisation, you should probably think about upgrading to Pro.

FeatureLooker StudioLooker Studio Pro
Monthly cost per user per projectFree$9.00 USD
Data connectors and file importSupports all native data connectors.Supports all native data connectors.
Data exploration and reportingExploration and reporting included.Exploration and reporting included.
Report and data source sharingYou can share reports and data just as you would a Google Drive file.Every report made is in a user's private storage and needs to be shared.
Manage and protect Looker Studio content with Google CloudNo GCP integration for management.Integration with Google's Dataplex asset management tool. Good for keeping track of data assets.
Share and collaborate with Team workspacesAllows for personal delivery and multiple ways of scheduling reports.Every report made is in a user's private storage and needs to be shared out.
Consume your data on the go with Looker Studio's mobile appNo access to Looker Studio mobile app.Access to Looker Studio mobile app.
Analyze faster with quick filters and personal report linksNo personal report links nor quick filters.Personal report links allow you to share pre-filtered reports.
Get support with an existing Cloud Customer Care packageNo support included.Support included.

If you buy Looker Studio Pro through Cobry, we'll charge you in whatever currency you like! If you're still curious - more below!

Organization-Owned Content

A crucial advantage of Looker Studio Pro is the shift in content ownership from individuals to the organization. This ensures continuity of access and management of reports and data sources, even if the original creator leaves the company. By linking content to a Google Cloud project, organizations gain more control, with project-level permissions governed through IAM, enhancing security and access management. Everything under our 'cobry-datalake' is organisationally owned. If anyone leaves the business, the reports don't leave with them.

Team Workspaces

Looker Studio Pro introduces team workspaces designed to streamline collaboration. These shared spaces allow team members to access and manage Looker Studio content efficiently. Access control is finely tuned, with roles such as Manager, Content Manager, or Contributor determining the level of access and permissions within these workspaces.

Enhanced Report Delivery and Alerts

With Pro, users can automate the delivery of reports to a broader audience, including up to 20 scheduled deliveries and integration with Google Chat. This automation extends to setting up alerts for stakeholders when certain criteria are met within a chart or report, ensuring timely updates and decision-making.

Personal Report Links for Exploration

Democratizing data within an organization is made easier with Looker Studio Pro's personal report links. These links allow recipients to create editable copies of reports for personal exploration, without altering the original. This feature promotes a culture of data exploration and insights generation across teams.

Mobile Accessibility

The Looker Studio mobile app enhances accessibility, enabling users to engage with their reports and data on-the-go. This mobile access ensures that insights and decision-making capabilities are not confined to the desktop, fostering a more dynamic and responsive data culture within organizations.

Dedicated Support Services

Access to Google Cloud Customer Care for Looker Studio Pro users signifies a commitment to providing robust support services. This access is exclusive to Pro subscribers, ensuring that any technical issues can be swiftly addressed, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuity in data reporting and analysis.

Subscription Model and Requirements

Subscribing to Looker Studio Pro is made straightforward, with self-service options allowing organizations to scale their user base as needed. However, prerequisites such as being a Google Workspace or Cloud Identity user, owning a Google Cloud project linked to a billing account, and having the appropriate IAM roles, ensure that the transition to Pro is smooth and secure. Cobry can do this for you!

In conclusion, Looker Studio Pro offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower organizations with advanced data management, collaboration, and reporting capabilities. From ensuring content continuity and enhancing collaboration through team workspaces, to facilitating data exploration and providing dedicated support, Looker Studio Pro is a strategic investment for businesses aiming to leverage their data for strategic decision-making. By meeting the subscription prerequisites and embracing these advanced features, organizations can unlock the full potential of their data with Looker Studio Pro.

If you're still unsure or are looking to transition to Looker Studio Pro, drop your email and we'll get back to you about how you can do it 💪

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