November 12, 2021
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Making Cobry a more sustainable business – the hurdles and the wins

Welcome to the latest instalment of the Cobry Cafetiere of Cloud Knowledge. In this edition we are discussing one of Cobry’s core values - sustainability, and the journey we are going through to become a more sustainable business. Often, we connote sustainability with the environment. Whilst this is an important element of sustainability, it is a concept which, in fact, goes much further beyond just the environment. So, before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s start by discussing what it means to be sustainable. 

What is sustainability? 

Sustainability itself has no single agreed definition. However, most point to a balance between the environment, the economy and society; and treating these in such a way that will preserve them for future generations. This means that sustainable development should not only concern itself with fighting climate change or preserving the environment but also with ensuring a fairer, healthier and more resilient world for those in it. 

Perhaps the most robust definition of sustainability can be drawn from the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals, agreed upon by the United Nations, span across society's most pressing challenges from climate change to poverty, inequality, peace and justice. It is hoped that if we can achieve each of these goals by 2030, then we will have ensured a better future for generations to come. The beauty of these goals is that they are so varied. This means that every business and individual can contribute to them in their own unique way and as a society we can work towards one common goal.

How Cobry are becoming more sustainable

Sustainability is central to everything we do at Cobry. We want to use our position as a business to take meaningful action and create real change. We have recently embarked on a project through which we have assessed how sustainable we already are as a business and how we can become more sustainable, in line with the UN’s 17 goals. Thus far, it has been an eye-opening process. We’ve learned so much about sustainability and how, as a business, we can make a positive impact.

Cobry's Sustainable wins

It’s always good to start with some wins, so here are some insights into some of the goals that we were (unknowingly) already working towards. 

Goal 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing. At Cobry, we have many initiatives and benefits in place whose purpose is to support the team's wellbeing. Access to a company-provided Calm subscription gives us the opportunity to practice mindfulness and look after our mental health; whilst the Cobry Book Club provides us with any book of our choosing which we can kick back and relax with.

Goal 4 - Quality Education. Continuous professional and personal development is central to everything we do at Cobry. We are encouraged to regularly use some of our working hours to upskill or learn something new that will help us continue to progress and draw enjoyment from our roles at Cobry. 

So, what's next?

Of course, there’s always room to do more and do better. We have already begun working towards meeting more of the goals and have some exciting plans up our sleeves!

One initiative that we are particularly excited about is the ScotlandIS Critical Friends programme which we will be joining. The programme aims to bridge the IT skills gap by pairing industry experts with local high schools who can advise on study topics and provide resources. By having a dedicated contact, the hope is that students will be inspired to choose computing science subjects and even go on to pursue a career in the field. 

This is just one example of how we’re working to become a more sustainable business and we can’t wait to continue to do more amazing things!

We believe that, as a business, it is so important to act and to draw attention to the sustainability issues that we are facing as a society. We hope that by sharing our journey, we may be able to help partners, clients and individuals to do the same. 

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