Happy New Year!

Here’s a security review, on us.

Move to G Suite or upgrade your licenses with Cobry to get a free Security Review & 20% off Backup!

The New Year Bundle

And because we’re really nice, we have also included a 20% backup discount on top of the free review, which means you can always roll back that file deletion you wish you never made.

Get in touch using the form on this page, and we can talk about how we can organise a security review for your organisation.


20% off Backup

We provide a number of cloud-to-cloud backup services; offering archiving, search and restore solutions. So whether you have to secure your data for GDPR purposes, for a possible ransomware attack or even for accidental deletion by an employee, our Backup solutions will ensure your organisation’s work-flow can continue, uninterrupted.

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Free Security Review

We’ve just launched our brand new Security Review service, which includes an audit of your entire G Suite setup, along with some technical actions to optimise your usage and ensure all security protocols are in place.  The report isn’t just filled with technical jargon; we break everything down into easily digestible and actionable insights to make cloud security as simple as possible.

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