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The number 1.
Migration services.

We move businesses to Google Cloud, whether that’s Office365 to Workspace, Exchange to GMail, Dropbox to Google Drive, RedShift to BigQuery, or Tableau to Looker.

The number 2.
Change management services.

We have expert project managers, trainers and change experts to ensure that any technical implementation goes smoothly. Every customer gets a world-class digital transformation experience.

The number 3.
Retainer services.

Once a business is on our recommended technical stack, we have a whole host of services aimed at maximising the potential of the tools.

Getting you onto Google

Our services for organisations that aren’t on Google Cloud in any way. BTW, we blog a lot about getting you on Workspace and GCP.

Google Workspace

Card showcasing our workspace migration offering.
Card showcasing the details of workspace migrations.

Google Cloud Platform

Card showcasing our data migration services.
Card showcasing our server and app migration offering.
Card showcasing our Looker Deployment offering.
Application development services.

If you're already on Google Workspace

Our services for organisations that are on Google Workspace.

Google voice
Card showcasing our chrome device management offering.
Card showcasing our Google Meet Hardware offering.
Collaborative hardware
Apps script development
Card showcasing our appsheet services.
Card showcasing our training offering.
Card showcasing our security review offering.

If you're already on Google Cloud Platform

Our services for organisations that are on Google Cloud.

Card showcasing our data upgrade service.
Data pipelines
Data warehousing
Details around self service business intelligence.
Card showcasing our application devops services.
Managed deployments
Details around unmanaged deployments.
Application optimisation

Maximise your investment with retainer services

You can work with us on an ongoing basis to ensure you get the most out of your technical investment.

Google Workspace

Card showcasing our helpdesk support services.
Workspace administration
Card showcasing our security management offering.
3rd party support services.
Onboarding and offboarding
Innovation councils.
Technology consulting
Card showcasing our regular training offering.

Google Cloud Platform

Card showcasing our Google Chat offering.
Card showcasing our application management services.
Card showcasing our infrastructure management offering.
Data management services.

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