Signature Satori

Unified signatures look great across a business and set a lasting impression, however they can be tediously difficult to manage.

Been there, done that? Well, Signature Satori could be the solution you've been looking for! It's a signature management solution which enables you to set sleek and unified signatures for all of your organisations Google Workspace accounts in minutes. We use it ourselves here at Cobry and we believe that it is the best signature management solution on the market.


Developed for Workspace

Best in-class Google Workspace integration. Single sign-on, seamless installation, automatic user import, support for alias addresses, user profiles with custom schemes, organisational units, images, you name it.


Ready-made Templates

Choose from a wide array of ready-to-use optimised email signature templates in various designs and get going in minutes. Just fill in your company information and Signature Satori does all the work.


Easy Administration

End users have their personal page where they can update their contact information and request a signature change. Admins see a summary of requests and can authorise them in one go – or let users do it.

All of these signatures were made at the click of a button - hard to believe, we know! 


If they weren't enough to convice you, check out all of these other features...

Google Analytics integration
Track links in Gmail signatures and see the results in your Google Analytics. Define your own UTM parameters to manage and evaluate marketing campaigns.


No SMTP. Built-in protection
Signature Satori does not alter your mailflow in any way, does not force any SMTP server changes, and doesn't have any access to your emails. The Gmail top security features (Email encryption, Confidential mode, etc.) are not affected in any way, so your company communication is secure in all circumstances.

Same account, Multiple signatures.
Any account can have multiple signatures on it at the same time. In the case of an employee having multiple roles or being in multiple departments, SigSat appreciates that the signature required may be different in different circumstances.


Different departments, different templates.
If your organisation wants to be identified in many ways, depending on who is sending the email from where, Signature Satori can accommodate for that.

Bringing the cloud down to earth

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