July 23, 2021
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Supercharge your use of spreadsheets with these handy Google Sheets tips

Spreadsheets are arguably one of the most commonly used tools across organisations. As such, there are many players to choose from. However, none quite match up to Google Sheets in our opinion. The ability to seamlessly collaborate in real-time and enhanced user features mean that a Google Sheet transcends being just a spreadsheet and serves as a powerful application that will induce success. To show you what we mean we've listed a few of our favourite Google Sheets tips that will help you supercharge your use of spreadsheets.

Use filters to easily work with your data

Filter views allow you to quickly and easily filter your dataset based on various conditions such as sell contents, value, colour and more. To use them, all you have to do is navigate to the ‘Data’ drop down menu, select ‘Create a filter’ and specify the way in which you would like to view your data. This enables you to work more productively and focus on only the data important to you! In addition, you can save filters and reuse them when you return to the data without starting from scratch.

Google Sheets filters

Prep your data for use with Google Sheets cleanup suggestions

Cleanup suggestions use AI to detect potential errors, anomalies or duplicates in your data that would distort the results of analysis. In order to make use of this wonderful feature, simply go to ‘Data’ then ‘Cleanup Suggestions’ after which a popup with clean up suggestions and data insights will appear. This tool is a must for anyone working with data as it converts a traditionally tedious and time consuming task into one that can be completed in the click of a button!

Google sheets cleanup suggestions

Use the explore function to analyse your data

The explore function is a real favourite throughout the Cobry team. Using AI, the tool generates insights into your data which you can use for analysis. It also suggests charts and graphs which you can add to visualise data. If this wasn’t enough, you can even ask the tool questions about your data to which it will provide answers and the working to your question. With the explore function, even novice Google Sheets users can perform valuable and sophisticated data analysis. 

Google Sheets explore

Create apps from Google Sheets with Apps Script

One of the fundamental uses of apps in business is to make data more accessible, useful and actionable. By combining the use of Google Sheets and Apps Script (Google’s low code application development platform), you can create an app from one of the most commonplace data repositories - a spreadsheet! This powerful duo enables you to connect Google Sheets with other tools in the Google Workspace ecosystem and build powerful applications with minimal coding required. 

These are only a few tips that can help you supercharge your use of Google Sheets. There are so many more features that make Google Sheets the most powerful spreadsheet platform in the market. From features that take the pain out of analysis to integration with development platforms, Google Sheets provides you with all the potential you need to achieve great things. All within the modest spreadsheet. 

If you're looking to transform the way in which your organisation works by implementing powerful tools such as Google Sheets; or want to find out more about Google Workspace get in touch!

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