“We already had G Suite in place in our business, but we knew we were only using about 5% of it. Working with Cobry allowed us to capitalise on the other 95% and make the most of the technology for us.”

– John Reynolds, Expert Pensions

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Based in Glasgow, Thomsons have been roasting coffee beans and blending tea using traditional methods for over 165 years. The company offers a full range of Trade & Retail coffee & tea supplies and services. They supply coffee to hotels, restaurants cafes, golf clubs and many more establishments throughout Scotland and the UK.

What were you looking for when you first approached Cobry?

“We first enquired about Cobry’s services regarding help migrating our email server, but once we had discussed what we were looking for it became clear that it made sense to make use of Google’s calendaring, document storage and mobility features.”

What problems were you experiencing before working with Cobry and implementing G Suite?

“Our previous email server had become very cluttered and complex, we wanted to take a clear and professional approach to our business email to make things simpler and to ensure our customers and clients knew we were professional. Cobry were able to migrate our previous email to Gmail which was great as we were still able to access all of our old records. They set up our Google Calendar which helps us to keep on track with everything going on right across the business, and also helped implement Drive which gives our users access to all of our files from anywhere, on any device, which is great for staying on track when we’re not in the office.”

Thomsons Coffee brand image

How did you find the transition period?

“The transition was actually pretty smooth and caused surprisingly – the majority of staff were already being familiar with at least some Google tools helped with that. So after the actual switch, which took less than a day, we were able to get on with our work with almost zero downtime. Working with Cobry was great, they were always only a phone call away and would regularly visit us in office to help with any details. They also provided good online assistance, via Gmail, Hangouts and Drive which came in handy for any more urgent issues.”

What are the greatest benefits that Cobry and G Suite have brought to your business?

“I think the most beneficial aspect has been the streamlining of the business, we can communicate and work together really easily which in turn has helped us to maintain great customer service standards. Having the increase in mobility is of great value for us, we were previously only able to access our files if we were in the office or had saved specific data to USB drives, but using Drive across any device makes life a lot easier.”

Do you have anything to offer from your own experiences to those who are considering working with Cobry and also making the switch to G Suite?

“I think it’s important to consider exactly what your organisation needs before making any big decisions, as there is no one quick fix for all, but if you need help in any of the areas that Cobry worked on with us, then I would definitely recommend their services.”

Neat Living represents a new choice of homes for people. They are designing space efficient and energy efficient buildings targeted towards first time buyers in recognition, for example, that more affordable homes that are also low in cost to run are required.

What were you looking for when you first looked for advice from Cobry?

“We initially approached Cobry because we were seeking to develop our first website. What then quickly transpired was that in terms of the email system that the company was previously using, Office 365, that Google’s Gmail system would be a more efficient choice particularly when considered as part of the wider range of Google products.

The transition went very smoothly, it required very little preparation time. What we found was that once the initial hosting issues had been resolved from the previous email it was swift to switch to Gmail. We did however invest some further time in Google Suite training with Cobry in order to gain a greater understanding of the applications, etc.”

What was it like working with Cobry?

“Working with Cobry was actually fantastic. Once we had our Gmail running effectively we were then able to use a whole range of G Suite apps. Using Google Drive for example gave us the ability to share our files across different users and work simultaneously on the same document and see updates that people were making in real time. So all of these features gave us much greater efficiency across the business which was particularly useful because part of the concept of Neat Living is to reduce the costs for our customers so it is very important that we have an operating system that equally offers efficiency benefits.”

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Is there anything that you are now able to accomplish that you previously couldn’t?

“I think in fairness to Office 365, we probably weren’t using it comprehensively. The change from 365 to Google came at a time where we were also taking on additional staff resource so for us it just made sense to make the switch to Google early in our development. I think the collaborative aspects are excellent and so to are the Google Chromebooks which are efficient and a low cost solution and are designed to work across the Google platform – so all of our work activity is highly integrated. Possibly just making that initial switch to Gmail facilitated a whole range of changes including the move to Chromebooks which we intend to standardise across the business in due course. I think it’s all of the incremental benefits that add up to becoming a more integrated and efficient system.”

Do you have anything to offer from your own experiences to those who are considering working with Cobry and also making the switch to G Suite?

“If I could cast my mind back to when we were about to make these changes, I think it was difficult for us to fully appreciate the benefits. It was difficult to see what all of the benefits might have been, so it did take something of a leap of faith into the unknown. The fact is, it’s gone so smoothly and we’ve experienced a number of benefits so I would encourage others to consider the opportunity but also to enquire as to what the implications might be for their own business; for us however it has certainly proved to be very worthwhile.”