What does our training cover?

We offer comprehensive and specifically tailored training for all aspects of G Suite including:


1 to 1

This is the most personal type of training as the expert is able to dedicate all their focus on educating the user on specific aspects of G Suite.



This involves a group session from around 3 – 15 people working through key concepts with interaction as necessary.



One of our experts hosts a live video feed involving specific topics which an unlimited number of users can view.



Users are able to access resources at any time and learn at their own pace without any direct communication with an expert.

Once you have implemented G Suite, Cobry can offer training to ensure that you get the most out of your new applications. Training will help your employees develop skills to communicate, collaborate and to create with simplicity and ease. This can be delivered at your place of work or another location of your choosing.

How detailed are sessions?

As intuitive as G Suite is, there are many features and benefits that won’t be so obvious to every user. We offer sessions on all aspects of G Suite whether they are high level overviews or deep-dives into specific apps. With years of experience as an official Google Cloud Partner we can help your team get the most from G Suite.


Is there a maximum or minimum group size?

Not at all. We conduct one to one sessions for business owners, corporate accountants, individuals who may require very specific training in just one aspect of G Suite systems, as well as group sessions in the more general use of Google systems such as Gmail and Drive for teams of employees.