September 26, 2022
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Considering Google Cloud solutions? Why you should go through a partner.

When we talk with new customers they sometimes ask:

“Why should I buy Google Cloud solutions from Cobry?”

“Why shouldn’t I just buy them directly from Google?’

It’s a fair enough question to ask. But really there are three main reasons that most organisations choose to work with a Google partner over going direct.

Why work with a Google partner

  1. You get access to an expert team, who know all the ins and outs of the Google products and platforms 
  2. It simplifies your billing, which makes a massive difference particularly if you’re a medium or large organisation
  3. You get access to partner exclusives including discounts, industry research, value-added offerings, and special events and training 

Working with an expert team means they know the tools inside and out, and you don’t have to rely solely on internal IT departments. Google partners can advise on best practice in any scenario, and generally have experience from hundreds of different customer use cases.

Your dedicated account manager will get to know your business, and support your internal team to get people and processes over the line. 

There are also billing benefits to consider - like proper invoicing and payment through direct debit rather than a company credit card. 

Why work with Cobry

Customers choose to work with Cobry because we’re human, nimble and vibrant. These values are what set Cobry apart and why customers choose to work with us.

Whether you need to migrate your IT infrastructure in the most pain-free method possible, escape a data chokehold, or educate your staff about the technologies of tomorrow - Cobry can help.

Our approach puts a big focus on change management and training - so not just about deploying new tools, but actually ensuring that the human side of these projects is prioritised so everyone in the team can use the tools. 

We like to add value so we’re always looking for exclusives for our partners - like access to beta programs for new features, offering services like Cobry’s own apps scripts, and 3rd party solutions for your specific requirements.  

Think of us as your advisor and advocate within Google. 

We focus on Workspace as a platform to build upon and we introduce Google Cloud services on top. This ensures that your team has the knowledge and expertise to get the most out of the new services. And if they ever have any questions, we offer ongoing support.

Ready to go Google?

Cobry exists to bring the cloud down to earth - our friendly team of experts put their knowledge to work to help with your challenges. Whatever they may be! Our goal is to make your life easier, and to make digital transformations both painless and effective. 

But don’t take our word for it. If you want to find out more about Google Workspace or moving to the cloud, get in touch with Cobry today. Just leave your email below and one of our team of experts will be in contact.

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