May 14, 2021
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Why you need a Google Workspace partner

It can be tempting to buy Google Workspace licences straight from Google, without support from a partner such as Cobry. This approach, however, will prevent your organisation from enjoying the many, many advantages that stem from having a partner. We hope that this article will give you an insight into just some of them. If you are looking to move to Google Workspace or improve its use across your business, this is the piece for you. 

Change Management 

Moving to Google Workspace is a huge undertaking for any organisation. This is why the support of a Google Workspace partner such as Cobry is invaluable. Our in-depth knowledge and experience give us the tools to manage your change both technically and culturally. We do this in 4 stages: 

  1. Understanding your needs. We take the time to understand the unique challenges your organisation faces and your goals in order to plan and deliver the best solution. 
  2. Technical change. We handle every part of the move from your old system, migrating all of your data to Google Workspace. We always ensure there is minimal disruption during the transition: allowing your team to continue to work during this time is our top priority. 
  3. Change management. Change management is central to how we operate at Cobry and what makes us, as a Workspace partner, unique. We ensure that your team is confident in their use of the new tools by providing them with various training sessions, tips and best practices. Additionally, our Innovation Councils and Transformation Labs are designed to improve your business processes through use of the Workspace tools. Thus, encouraging your team to find better, more efficient ways of working. 
  4. Ongoing Support. Finally, after the changeover is complete, we will be on-hand to smooth over any bumps that may arise. By maintaining a close relationship with us, you can rest assured that your ongoing needs will be met and you will be using Workspace to its full potential.

Expertise & Experience

There really is no substitute for experience, and Cobry has over a decade of it! We have helped organisations of various sizes in different sectors move to and make the most of Google Workspace. This has allowed us to develop a comprehensive lessons log which we use to improve future transitions. Additionally, we use these tools every single day and are always up to date with the latest features and use cases. Therefore, you can always count on us for expert advice. 

Security Configuration Aid

Proper configuration of the Google Workspace platform is critical to ensure that your organisation is fully protected on the cloud. In order to maintain a good balance of security versus usability that can be customised to each organisation, Google has designed this configuration process to be a joint-responsibility model. This means that whilst Google provides the tools and settings to create a secure platform, it is the responsibility of the organisation to ensure that these settings are configured appropriately. With literally hundreds of options available in the admin console alone, this can be a demanding task. By partnering with Cobry, we can take this weight off your shoulders and configure your Workspace environment in a way that will ensure the highest levels of security. Whilst also promoting productivity and collaboration throughout your team. 

A dedicated account manager

Another huge advantage of having a Google Workspace partner such as Cobry is the provision of a dedicated account manager. If you partner with Google directly you do not get this luxury. Thus, each time you contact Google for support, the person helping you needs to start from the ground up, and get to know your business before they can solve the problem. Conversely, by partnering with Cobry, you will have developed a strong, meaningful relationship with your account manager. This person will know your business, your objectives and your unique needs. Therefore, whenever you contact us for support, we can resolve your problem more efficiently and effectively. 

Exclusive Insights 

As Google Workspace partners, we have exclusive access to information such as updates to Google products and services. This allows us to stay abreast of changes or initiatives that may be of use to our clients. Moreover, we use our social channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Newsletter to communicate this important information to our following. Therefore, if you are connected with us, you will always have access to the latest information and advice on how to implement these across your organisation. 

Value Add Services

Our mission is to transform the way people work, which is why we offer a host of value-add services. Each of these services is designed to elevate operations within your organisation or ensure proper implementation of the Google Workspace tools. One of our most popular services is our Security Review. This consists of an audit of your current setup and recommendations on how to improve it, considering your organisation's unique needs. This is a great way to ensure your business is operating securely and provide stakeholders with peace of mind in the shape of a formal security report. We also offer numerous development services through the use of Apps Script and AppSheet. These can streamline your business processes through workflow automation, by empowering employees and achieving digital transformation. 

To conclude, Google Workspace is a powerful platform whose tools and configurations offer many possibilities to enhance your business. The best way to get started is to jump in with two feet and really embrace the platform, with help from your Google Cloud partner, of course! If you'd like our support with Workspace, please get in touch.

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