Using Gemini, you can boost employee productivity by 10x.

Ideate without limits

Gemini is always on, and always ready to help. The first step to any great initiative is always the hardest, so let Gemini kickstart your creative process.

Your work companion

Whether you’re dreaming up new product ideas, refining business strategies, or finding better ways to connect with your customers, Gemini AI is your trusty sidekick

A competitive edge

In today's world, no business operates without a computer; don't let that be you with AI. Ensure you're not just keeping up with the times but staying ahead of the curve.

Gemini in action

Gemini is your always-on AI assistant across Google Workspace. Gemini can spot trends, create marketing content, identify business opportunities, create your sales outreach plan, and act as your trusted business consultant.

An AI deployment methodology that works.

Great technology unused is wasted potential. Our expertise in change management, mixed with our 10+ years of experience with Google tools, will maximise the chance of success when rolling out AI within your organisation. 


Introducing new technology can be daunting, but comprehensive training helps facilitate a smooth transition. By equipping users with the necessary skills and knowledge, you minimize resistance and anxiety associated with change, ensuring a quicker and more seamless adoption process. More adoption means greater buy-in, which means a greater return on your investment.

Results that speak for themselves

At the end of your trial, we will ensure you have enough data to decide whether you're ready to invest in Workspace AI for your organisation. We don't only cover usage from a technical perspective but also make sure that we take your employee's voice into account. 







During the trial, we ensure that every employee feels empowered to take the tools, use them, and apply them to their work. The proof of concept doesn't just report back on the benefits of AI, but also how your staff react to new technology.

Start your Gemini journey with us.

Low Commitment, High Insight

A proof of concept allows you to dip your toes in the water without a long-term commitment. It gives you the opportunity to explore Gemini AI's capabilities and see how it can address your specific business challenges. You’ll gain valuable insights into its potential impact with minimal initial investment.

A Trusted Team

From initial consultation to implementation and beyond, our trusted team is with you every step of the way. We provide continuous support and training, ensuring you have all the resources and assistance needed to successfully integrate Gemini AI into your operations and achieve your business goals.

Funding Available

Gemini is a technology that we're all super excited about, which means that under the right circumstances, we can do a trial exercise for you that's partially or completely funded by programmes set up by Google. Get in touch to find out if your organisation is eligible.

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