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The great thing about Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is it’s designed as a platform which you can build upon and modify to suit your organisation.

Whether you want to automate workflows or better visualise business data, you can with the support of Cobry.

View Workflow Automation and Data Visualistion options below.

Google Workspace Workflow Automation

Google Apps Script can be used to extend the functionality of Google Workspace to automatically carry out a set of actions based on an event or time-based trigger.

We can build scripts to automate your processes, streamline workflows and connect Google Workspace and 3rd party apps to help make your business run more efficiently.

Applications can be developed quickly and efficiently using Apps Script thanks to the Google Workspace integrations already in place.

How we work

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Identify processes
We will work with you to identify processes that can be improved using Google Apps Script. Next, the user stories will be laid out alongside the recommended scripting to streamline the workflow.


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Build & Test
We take your specification and build a script to automate the tasks identified. There will be a period of testing and iteration to ensure that the script is free of any bugs and provides the best solution to fulfil the requirements.


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Deploy and maintain
Once testing is complete and you are happy that the solution fulfils the requirements, we will deploy the script on your domain and be on-hand to help with any iterations or modifications required.

Sample Project

Programmers always find an easier way to do menial tasks. If there’s something tedious or time-consuming within your processes and workflows, chances are it can be streamlined using Google Apps Script.

We’re always exploring possibilities and coming up with new ideas to help streamline business processes. Examples of scripts we have deployed include; Folder Structure Generator, Custom Document Generators and Automatic Email/ Calendar events.


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Business Intelligence on Google Workspace

Google Data Studio is a free platform that allows you to have a central location for stakeholders to access, interact and analyse real-time information so that they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. We enable you to monitor live metrics using Google’s software that integrates tightly with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

You can visualise and analyse data and focus on key performance indicators from across the organisation on a visual and easily digestible platform, helping you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making.

How we work

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Our expert team consult your data sources  and clean them in a way so that you can determine what is important and what is not. We get to know your business and together work out how we can make the best use of your data sources.

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Often, data comes from many sources, and for a dashboard this data needs to be consolidated. We aggregate your data non-destructively, meaning that you can keep working as usual whilst the data is cleaned behind the scenes.

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​​Once the data has been formatted in a way so that it can be presented, it’s time to design the dashboard itself. We work closely with you to ensure the dashboard is made to specification and follows your organisation’s design guidelines.

You can see a finished Google Data Studio report below – feel free to interact with it! 

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