Google Workspace DNS Audit

Make sure your emails sent by Google Workspace get delivered.

Ensuring your Google Workspace DNS is set up correctly can be the difference between emails reaching their intended recipients or getting lost in the ether. A minor error can jeopardize email deliverability, compromise security, or even disrupt your entire communication channel. That's where we step in.

What's in the DNS audit?

Email Deliverability Check

No more "bounced" surprises! We'll comb through your DNS records to ensure that your emails always find their way to the intended inbox.

Email Routing Audit

Whether it's for different departments or separate teams, correct routing ensures that every email reaches its rightful destination without delays.

Comprehensive Email Security Audit

From SPF to DKIM and DMARC, we'll ensure that your email security measures are not only set up correctly but also optimized for maximum protection against threats.

Benefits of the service

Peace of Mind

Sleep easy knowing that your email communication is functioning flawlessly, and potential issues have been identified and rectified.

Improved Professional Image

Ensure that all your business communications are delivered promptly and professionally, reinforcing your brand’s reputation.

Enhanced Security

Guard against potential threats, phishing attempts, and unauthorised access. Google's tools are great for this, so long they're configured right.

Why Cobry?


Our team of certified Google Workspace professionals is trained to spot even the minutest of discrepancies

Fast Turnaround

We understand the importance of timely communication. Our audit process is swift, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations.

Tailored Approach

No two businesses are the same. Our audit will provide bespoke recommendations suited to your unique business needs.

Ready for Seamless and Secure Email Communication?

Let our experts take a deep dive into your Google Workspace DNS setup and ensure it's optimised for success. Contact us today to schedule your audit!

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