What is the cloud?

The cloud is essentially about storing and communicating with data stored over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive or a server in your office.

Services we use everyday, run on the cloud

What do FacebookSkype, Tinder and Netflix have in common? They all run using the cloud! Millions of people and organisations across the globe operate using the cloud every day yet businesses have been relatively left behind in adopting this technology. The complex nature of some businesses means that embracing the benefits of new technology change isn’t an easy task to tackle alone.

Why we recommend businesses using the cloud


99.9% uptime guarantee 


Remove barriers to effective team-work


Access the tools from any device, from any location


Add & remove users as required


No more expensive servers to maintain


Some of the most secure systems in the world

The cloud directly impacts business performance

Explore Google Products

As of January 2017 G Suite has 3 million paying businesses, and 70 million G Suite for Education users, and is one of the most popular cloud based software suite in the world.

Discover how your organisation can benefit from the quick, intuitive, and secure software solutions G Suite can offer.